Maanne R’s Birthday at Gayuma ni Maria

Last July 14 was the birthday celebration of one of our close friends, Ms. Maanne Rodriguez.

I came to know Maan R. during our UP days, when she was (then) the girlfriend of my best friend Mr. Jonathan Leopando. Since then she’s been a staple during the outings of our Orgless Org (unofficial organization of our peer group), and when I introduced Maanne my love to my peers, she was one of the first to give my love a warm welcome.

ImageThe birthday girl and Mr. Leopando

Maan R. decided to hold her birthday celebration in the curiously named Gayuma ni Maria restaurant, along Sikatuna in Quezon City. This restaurant, whose name means “Love Potion of Maria” in Tagalog, is known for the sensuous and amorous-sounding names of its dishes, such as “I’m Wild for You”, “Marry Me Mousaka”, and their bestseller cake “Beats Sex Anyday”.

ImageThe interior of Gayuma ni Maria. Note the sweet nothings written on the walls as part of the decor.

Maan R. said she chose this restaurant for the following reasons:

1.) it had naughty names for the foods,

2.) her first name is “Maria” (Maria Angela),

3.) and the restaurant had a private room on the second floor that we could reserve for the party

My love and I arrived slightly behind schedule, but we were still part of the few who came early. After the usual introductions, we settled down and ate some of the gastronomic delights:

ImageTuliro (“confused”): nachos, lettuce, meat and fruits topped with sour cream and cheese sauce.


Exotic Lover, spaghetti cooked in rich olive oil and capers, with seafood.


Marry Me Mousaka, eggplant treat baked in rich tomato sauce and melted cheese.


Hi-Land Tea, some proprietary concoction that tastes better than the usual iced tea. Served in a weird “potion”-like bottle.

After satiating ourselves with the food served on the table, we took a group picture:


Group shot. L-R Top: Jonathan, James, Manny, Tiyaw, Bob, Fraim

L-R Bottom: Me, My Love, Maan R, Teta

and another one, this time wacky:


Wacky Group Shot

We had our share of sweetness:


Despi-Vergara Nuptials, according to Maan R.


Me and my love, after eating!


My love and I, with our D7000

And also our share of outtakes:


Manny, I’m not a paparazzo.


Mr. Leopando is having a hard time getting up.


Eww Tiyaw, I’m taken.


Bless you!

We saw some crack pairings:


I admit this actually looks like a movie scene.


…but this has more “heart” in it!


Manny, that thing’s not alive.


“Ouch, that hurts!” – Jonathan


Ridiculously photogenic James

And someone finally went out of the closet! haha just joking!:

ImageDoña Manoy!

The birthday girl had fun with her friends:


Bob, Maan R. and Fraim


“soul sisters” Maan R. and Teta

And she had lots of fun with her cakes and treats:


“Tall, Dark and Handsome…cake”


The birthday girl with her cake


Blowing the candle!

And of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without a “studio” pic of me and my love:ImageMe and my pretty princess! ❤

This was one of the most memorable adult birthday parties we attended. 🙂
And it was special because my friends welcome and love my princess as one of their own! ❤

Super happy (fat) prince!

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