How we BonChon

Maanne and I tried to join the “This is how we BonChon” contest of BonChon Chicken, but sadly we weren’t able to make it by the deadline.

Our entry would have been this:ImageWhich just shows how much we love to share everything with each other (even delicious chicken!) ❤

Actually before shooting this, Iet me share the story:

We decided to have a weekdate in Robinsons Galleria, and we chanced upon BonChon Chicken, which has become a frequented place for us.

The store is nice and brightly lit.ImageI had a dilemma though – my princess was soooo sleepy! (but so cute):

ImageRepeated attempts to take our pictures did not beat her sleepiness:


But my princess is soooo cute when she’s sleepy, so I left her to doze off for a while while I ordered our food.


As always, I ordered our staple favorite, Chicken Chops Rice Box. I asked for one Soy Garlic chop and one Spicy chop.

ImageAfter a little kiss and letting her smell the food, the sleepy princess woke up smiling!

ImageWe devoured the tasty food quite quickly.ImageI had a very happy princess with me afterwards! And of course, when my princess is happy, I am too. 🙂

ImageAll in all, even if we didn’t get to win the promo (we didn’t even have a chance to join it), we still had a great time. Thanks BonChon!

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