Mochiko’s Mochi

I asked Mark my love if we could try something new like Mochiko, which is located at ATC’s new wing (beside Tickles), so we decided to have our Saturdate at ATC. While I was not yet around my love decided to buy Serenitea for us. He had Hokkaido with pearls while I had Okinawa with pearls (these have actually become our staple favorites at Serenitea).


It was in fact our first time to have a mochi at Mochiko . Their store in Alabang Town Center really impressed us. They have a very comfortable and warm atmosphere, pink chairs and couch, a well lighted place and a bunch of cats waving to their customers (amazingly, they’re all working) and a very delicious Mochi!:)



We had Chocnut(which is their flavor for the month of June) and Cookies n Cream(one of their best sellers). Chocnut was a surprise – they even have the whole chocnut thing inside, it tastes really good! While Cookies n Cream is now our favorite mochi – it has a whole Oreo cookie inside!


We are so excited to taste the next flavor of the month and to have more Mochiko goodness. Am a very happy princess! ❤

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